Safety Meetings


It is a fundamental belief that accidents which cause injury, illness, or property loss are preventable. Our goal here at Concord Commercial Services, Inc. Company is to eliminate foreseeable hazards to maintain a safe and healthful work environment for both our associates and customers. In addition, achieving compliance with applicable regulatory standards is a prerequisite for the success of our organization and an area to which management must be responsive.   All levels of management are responsible for loss prevention. However, since all associates must promote safety and health, we cannot expect success without total participation. It is critical, therefore, for management to provide the opportunity and conditions for safe work practices.


Our associates apply the same Silver Service attitude when it comes to environmental health and safety compliance.   As the Owner/President, my role is to promote a positive safety philosophy to all of our associates and customers. I have a big task ahead of me. Protection of the public and environment is equally important. Our relationship with surrounding communities is interdependent. I am currently working on reviewing and updating all our company Safety programs, conducting & monitoring commercial, industrial, and residential job sites, and conducting more hazard assessments. To manage our workers compensation incidents, managers and supervisors have played a big role in conducting accident investigations and implementing corrective actions. All of our associates are required to comply with the Company Safety Program. This program is extended to contractors, subcontractors, associates, and offices personnel.

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