Five Things To Consider Before Relocating Your Business

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For business owners/executives/managers that have outgrown their current facility’s size or design, their first instinct is to shop for a new location. But remodeling may actually be more affordable and better for the company in the long run. To decide, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you like the current facility location? Consider the proximity of your clients, shipping and receiving, business travel, and employee commutes, and how a new location will affect your ability to reach all those places.
  2. How long do you plan to stay there? If your answer is you intend to stay in the current facility at least 5 to 10 years, then a remodel may be the solution. If you plan to relocate the company in a shorter period of time, there is rarely short-term financial benefit from a major improvement project.
  3. Do you have the largest and nicest business in the close proximity? If so, your facility is not likely to appreciate much more in value. But if you have improvements, features or amenities that surpass others, the additional cost of remodeling may be a good investment that will pay off when you’re ready to move.
  4. How’s that floor plan working out? Newer facility designs feature wide open spaces and trendy floor plans. Remodeling can improve the flow of work, moral of employees, and attraction to your facility.
  5. What is the true cost of moving vs. remodeling? Don’t make a quick decision based on what seems like a bargain. Evaluate the true financial and emotional costs, as well as the time involved for each option. Be sure you know if a new location need costly retrofits, repairs or improvements. Any new furniture or decor you buy for the new location should factor in, as well. Within the same consideration, the cost of your facility renovations should not exceed 30 percent of the property’s value. You will likely be better off moving if you have to spend more than that.  Key is to analyze your options carefully!

Excellent Customer Service

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“First, let me shower a few kudos on David Cox and his men.  Of course, David is always a great representative for your company and wonderful to work with, but on this occasion I think he went beyond his regular level of great service.  When I asked him to help me with the electrical problem on Sunday before we knew about the theft, he was quick to respond and came in a with a “can do” attitude.  He made it clear that he would do whatever was necessary to get us operating for Monday morning.  When we later determined the full extent of the loss and the level of work required to repair the service, David was still committed to getting it done and I would tell that he was already trying to figure out how to do it right.

The work David and his men did on Monday to get us back in operation under the extreme heat conditions and short notice was bordering on miraculous.  He delivered as promised and limited the impact on our operations during the critical end of month, end of quarter sales period.

The support your men provided to our company on this particular occasion, and countless times in the past, is a perfect example of why I develop such close and loyal business relationships with my key vendors.  Please convey my sincere gratitude to David and his men on a job well done!”

Signed,  Happy Customer Gene

Mandatory Safety Meetings

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Within the daily operations at Concord, safety is always a #1 priority.  We implemented a Safety Program years ago that provides monthly traning topics as well as job specific topics as needed.  This year of 2010 is no different!  To date, topics covered include Concord Safety Procedures and Guidelines, Key Customer Safety/Protocol Policies, Respiratory Training Certification, Highway Safety, Confined Space Training, Safe Work Zones, and First Aid.  With Customer and Employee safety in mind, Concord takes this activity very serious.  We welcome your inquiries into our successful Safety Training Program!

Park Sign Replacement Project

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Concord Commercial Services recently completed a new project for the City of Mesquite with great anticipation and civic pride.  After several years of planning and design, the project was launched to replace existing Mesquite park signage with new custom designed limestone structures.  Concord was successfully awarded this project and proudly displays just a part of the accomplished results.

Wood Beam Restoration

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After years of painting and re-painting, wood millwork can sometimes be restored to much of its original beauty.  Such was the case for City of Allen, Chase Oaks Golf Course.  They decided to tackle the restoration and re-model of their acquired private golf course.  This new public course needed a face lift, part of which was the large meeting room in the club house and the wooden trusses in the open ceiling above.  CCS was given the challenge to strip these large beams down to the original wood and determine their condition and restoration value.  The plan was a success and a new natural finish was added to the wood as well as the iron fittings connecting the trusses.

Mesquite Rodeo Parade

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Concord Colors flying high in the Mesquite Rodeo Parade – March 2010!

With pride and respect, Concord supports local organizations such as 4-H clubs to expand civic partication.  The 2010 Mesquite Rodeo Parade was led by the Texas Stampede Equestrian Drill Team of Van Zandt County with a new Concord flag flying high above the crowds.


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Saving historical homes takes specialized knowledge and experience. The professional tradesmen of CCS can give your property the tender care that it needs to be restored to its original beauty and charm, just as done for the City of Mesquite, Texas.

Concord Commercial Services desires to completely fulfill our goal of performing each service task in a professional manner to ensure a final quality product so that a long-term business relationship will develop and be maintained with each customer.

CCS Historical Home Restoration 1CCS Historical Home Restoration 2

Interior Finish-Out

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CCS understands the constant and immediate needs of our customers for service professionals in all areas of building trades. We can provide qualified personnel to perform service trade skills in all areas of ground-up construction.

Concord Commercial Services desires to completely fulfill our goal of performing each service task in a professional manner to ensure a final quality product so that a long-term business relationship will develop and be maintained with each customer.

CCS Ground Up Construction 1CCS Ground Up Construction 2